AfroDiva Exotic Hair – DIFC

AfroDiva Exotic Hair – DIFC

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AfroDiva Salon is a full-service African hair beauty salon in Dubai dedicated to consistently providing high customer satisfaction by rendering excellent services using the best quality products for Afro, Ethnic, and Mixed race hair texture.
All in a very relaxing atmosphere with acceptable prices which are equal to the quality of the services that we provide in an unbeatable location.

We maintain a friendly, hygienic, and creative work environment, which respects diversity, ideas, innovations, and hard work.

At AFRODIVA EXOTIC HAIR we are devoted to providing women worldwide with best quality human hair available in the market to match their various hair textures. We carry a wide range of 100% raw human hair directly from the respective countries of origin,Our multinational team understand the value women place on their hair around the world and so we are dedicated to providing nothing but the most ethical,natural,cuticle aligned, unprocessed human hair, cut from willing individual donors. Our talented team use their special gifts to carefully handcraft all our units for each client to suit different facial structures and match their natural hairline.