Bubbles & Giggles Nursery

Bubbles & Giggles Nursery

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We aim to provide a welcoming, secure and happy environment for Children between the ages of 2 months to four years, where suitably qualified and experienced staff, care for children in a calm atmosphere to develop each child’s potential and self-confidence. We shall encourage the children’s interests and allow them to explore their intellectual curiosity, develop their language skills, logical and analytical thinking, use their imagination, enhance their creativity and enjoy physical play. We will help them to develop positive social skills, build relationships, and help them gain awareness of and understand about the world around them. The Nursery will respect and value the diverse cultural and social backgrounds of all our children and their families. We will inculcate in every child, sterling values and help them to develop life skills that will ensure that each and every child grows up to become an independent and confident person. We believe that all children should have equal access to all areas of the curriculum, and not be disadvantaged because of culture, gender, learning difficulties or disabilities, family background, home language or lifestyle. We will help children to value and understand their own culture and traditions and those of others and thus promote a positive attitude to diversity.




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